Best Waterproof Vape Mod for Summer - The Aegis Mini

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With summer coming up you are going to be out around the water.  You will be sitting poolside, hitting up the beach, going camping at the lake, fishing, kayaking, etc.  Just like cell phones have protectors on them wouldn't it be nice if your vape mod did too?  Or better yet, have a vape mod that itself was waterproof, dust proof, and shockproof when you mistakenly drop it.

Introducing the Aegis Mini by Geek Vape.

The Aegis Mini has been out for a little while now, but it's the perfect time to purchase one, because prices have come down on them.  The Aegis Mini is the little brother to the original Aegis, with slight modifications including a built in 2200 mAh battery that can be charged via usb, and a much smaller body making it perfect for smaller hands (such as a female) or if you just want a more compact vape mod.

It powers between 5 - 80 watts, which is more than enough power for the average vape.  You can even cloud chase with this thing if you want to.  It fires instantly, has short circuit, overheat, over-current, and over charge protections to name a just a few, but what we like best about this mod is it is:

Waterproof, Dust proof, Shockproof

There are numerous videos on youtube of people dropping it off a 6 story building onto concrete and still working, driving it over a with a tractor and still working, submersing it in water for extended time periods and still working.  I lost mine in my extremely long driveway this past winter shoveling snow, and it stayed out in in the snow and freezing temperatures for months, until spring came and I found it in a puddle.  I took it inside, charged it up, and am using it today.  This vape mod is amazing!

If you don't have one you should go out and pick one up, and if you do have one you understand why we are so passionate about it.  Send us an email at if you want to know where you can find one for the best price!  We are constantly monitoring prices of vape related products specifically in Canada, but worldwide too.

Click on the link below for more product details:

Aegis Mini

This review has been done independently by, and we have NOT been subsidized in any way by Geek Vape Aegis for the review or by any other person(s) or organization(s) in doing so.  Our reviews are simply so that our customers can use superior products for our Premium Quality Canadian Vape Juices.

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