Disposable Tanks are the way to go

Posted by Michael Makara on

If you are like me, you HATE changing coils.

It's messy when your coil goes and your tank is full; and you don't want to waste that yummy juice you have in there so you try to change it with the juice in, only to get it all over the place.

It's annoying getting your fat fingers around the tiny coils and trying to screw it in, while fumbling about.  Sometimes you have to pull out the needle nose pliers.

Or if you're in a household like mine and your partner is using different ohm coils than you.  You find yourself pulling out a magnifying glass like your 80 year old grandmother to try and read the tiny print on the side of the coil to ensure you're putting the right one in.

It's frustrating, annoying, and stupid  ...or maybe it's just me.

Regardless, my favorite vape company that makes (in my opinion) the best coils on the market, Aspire, has come to my rescue and made disposable tanks with coils in them! (insert happy face emoji)

Just like JUUL swept the nation with their no fuss, no muss, use them, and throw away (or for you environmentalist - recycle) pods; you can now do the same with sub-ohm vaping.  Only these tanks are refillable, so you can use them over and over until the coil inside eventually goes.

Aspire has made a super easy top fill, 4.3ml capacity, 0.3 ohm mesh coil, in a disposable tank.  It is my new go to tank that I exclusively use.  The flavor is unbelievable and it produces massive cloudz.  It has a 510 connection, which means it can be used on 99% of the vaping mods on the market.

They are constructed with a very hard plastic, that to me, is everyday use indestructible.  I mean if you take a hammer to it I'm sure it will crack, but not shatter.  I've dropped mine on the pavement several times with only minor dings on it, and still works great!  Did I mention they are leak-proof too?  Well they are  ...even after dropping it several times.

I feel disposable tanks will take on at least half the market share once they are readily available and consumers try them out.

As I mentioned earlier these tanks are perfect for people that hate changing coils.  They are also good if you're going on a trip, camping, boating, you work on an industrial site, or are going anywhere where you're afraid to damage your current $50 tank, as these babies only cost about $20 for a pack of 3.  VapeCloudz.ca sells them for $17.97.  That's only $6 each for a disposable tank that will last approx a month using it consistently.

Click here to get yours today  We have them in stock and the guaranteed lowest price online!

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