Uwell Caliburn vs. JUUL Review

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VapeCloudz.ca is currently perfecting our signature salt nic line by Hayz.  In doing so rigorous testing must be done, and we have choose what we feel is the best pod system on the market today to do our testing with, the Uwell Caliburn.

Many people have been sucked into the marketing of JUUL.  Don't get us wrong, JUUL was an excellent product when it was introduced in 2015.  However since then, JUUL technology has stayed the same while other vape companies have made far superior products.

Case in point, the Uwell Caliburn.

The battery on a JUUL has a capacity of 200 mAh.  The battery on a Uwell Calibrun has a capacity of 520 mAh, more than double.  This means it will last almost triple as long without a charge!

Size:  A JUUL is 15mm wide x 95mm long with a height of 7mm.  The Uwell Caliburn is slightly larger, but not by much.  It is 21mm wide x 110mm long with a height of 11.6mm.  We actually prefer the size as opposed to the JUUL, and find it more ergonomic.

The amount of liquid in a JUUL pod is .7ml, whereas the Uwell Caliburn has a massive 2ml.  This means you can vape on it all day without changing pods!

Cost for device.  In Canada the JUUL can run you anywhere from $45 - $75 for a basic kit.  The Uwell Calibrun is a measly $35 for a starter kit that includes two pods, a charging cord, and of course the pod itself.  It also comes in a variety of sleek colors.

Cost for vape juice.  In Canada you can get a pack of four 0.7ml JUUL pods for approx $20.  The Uwell Caliburn has a refillable system, meaning you can purchase vape juice for it in a bottle and fill it up yourself.  VapeCloudz.ca sells 60ml Salt Nic bottles of vape juice for only $17.97.

That means you will get 21 times more vape juice for a cheaper price.

Lastly flavor, being the most important part of pod systems, there is no comparison.  The flavor produced from the Uwell Caliburn far exceeds the flavor of a JUUL, and that is why VapeCloudz.ca is using the Uwell Caliburn exclusively for testing of our new salt nic line by Hayz.

Click on the link below for more details:

Uwell Caliburn

Send us an email at info@vapecloudz.ca if you want to know where you can find a Uwell Caliburn for the best price!  We are constantly monitoring prices of vape related products specifically in Canada, but worldwide too.

This review has been done independently by VapeCloudz.ca, and we have NOT been subsidized in any way by Uwell for the review or by any other person(s) or organization(s) in doing so.  Our reviews are simply so that our customers can use superior products for our Premium Quality Canadian Vape Juices.

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