About Us - VapeCloudz.ca

Based out of Barrington, Nova Scotia we are a vape juice / e-liquid company planning on taking over the world... or at least your lungs, with flavorful cloudz of yummy goodness.



A lot of homework was done to ensure that we have the best prices for Premium Quality Vape Juices, period.

At VapeCloudz.ca we feel that we would rather sell you 5 bottles of Vape Juice at an unbelievable price (and have you come back for more), then sell you 1 bottle at an exorbitant price and lose you as a customer  ...besides, we want you to try out all of our flavors.  You can't do that if we charge like the other guys, you'd go broke!



A lot of Online Vape Juice Suppliers will sell you vape juice using the cheapest ingredients to increase their margin.  Here at VapeCloudz.ca we use only the best.  We source our flavorings from all over the world; from Australia to Poland to Italy, right back to home in Canada, and more.  We only use the best of the best.

Moreover, we don't just use single flavor for say a watermelon vape juice for example.  We are using 3 or 4 flavor-ants for that watermelon and layering it.  This gives a more complex full bodied flavor for your vaping pleasure.  That takes more time and costs more money, but we want you to not just taste your vape juice; we want you to experience it.



If you live in the Barrington / Shelburne area of Nova Scotia we offer courier delivery of your vape juices after ordering!  The towns we deliver to are: Shelburne, Ingomar, Clyde, Barrington, Barrington Passage, Cape Sable Island, Shag Harbour, Woods Harbour, Pubnico, Argyle, and Tusket, Nova Scotia.  Yarmouth deliveries available upon request.


Furthermore, Our e-liquids are kosher and meet or exceed requirements of the United States Pharmacopeia. 


At VapeCloudz.ca we live and breath (literally) our products.  If you would like to comment on ways we can improve or suggestions for new products please don't hesitate to email us at:  comments@VapeCloudz.ca