Save Money Vaping

Due to regulations in Canada under the Tobacco and Vaping Products Act cannot make any "modified risk claims" that vaping is safer than smoking cigarettes...

...even though there are over 7000 chemicals in a cigarette and our Vape Juices have 3 food grade (safe for human consumption) ingredients, along with your choice of a nicotine additive.

We can, however, compare the cost savings...  

The average cost of a carton of cigarettes in Canada last year was $121.15

The cost equivalent of a carton of cigarettes in the form of Vape Juice / E-liquid is just $12.25

That's a savings of over $100!!!

Vaping's Vape Juices for a period one year, instead of smoking, would save you $3,975.87 (based on smoking a pack a day)

That's a savings of almost $4,000 a year!!!