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Candyman Sample Pack 30ml x 5

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Most e-juice companies give you 10ml x 5 sample packs.  At we give you 30ml x 5 sample packs of vape juice.

A person can vape 10mls of juice within a couple of days, and honestly that's enough time to know if you like it or not; that's why gives you 30mls of vape juice x 5.

Many of our customers take advantage of's Sample Packs as an alternative way to purchase multiple flavors for a great price.  No where else can you get 5 different flavors of vape juice of this quality for $39.97, guaranteed!

The Candyman Sample Pack has the most popular, original, sweet flavors you are sure to enjoy!

Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy, Fijian Snow, Red Kiwi Candy, Orange Cloudz Candy, and Chocolate Hazelnut